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Mexico: Jalisco leads raspberry and blueberry production

The head of the Ministry of Rural Development of Jalisco (Seder), Hector Padilla Gutierrez, said that Jalisco had had a major expansion in its production and that the entity was the leader in the production of raspberries and blueberries.

The official said that, between January and October 2016 Jalisco's raspberry production had had a 67.3 percent annual rate increase, going from 22,829 tons to 38,192 tons.

Mexico's raspberry production amounted to 54,332 tons, which placed Mexico as the fifth largest producer worldwide.

Padilla Gutierrez said 8 states produced raspberry; and that Jalisco, Baja California, and Michoacan had accounted for 98 percent of the national volume between January and October 2016 with 38,192 tons, 9,941 tons, and 6,180 tons, respectively.

He also said that in 2016 they had increased the production area devoted to berries by 1,300 hectares, over the acreage there was in 2015. In simple terms, he said, each hectare of this segment produces 100,000 dollars (in commercial value). "Thus, these 1,300 hectares are worth about 130 million dollars at last year's value (2015)." 

Successfully penetrating new markets
I think the year's highlight was achieving the presence of these fruits in the Arab market, in the UAE," he said. He also said that last year they had achieved the entry of Jalisco strawberries to other major markets in Asia, such as Singapore, mainly because of the increased air connectivity in the state of Jalisco.

The official stressed that the impact of berries can be seen in the municipalities with the most plantations, such as Zapotlán El Grande, Tuxpan, Zapotiltic, Sayula, Tala, Jocotepec, Tuxcueca, Tapalpa, Atotonilco, Tototlán, Mazamitla, Mascota, and Zacoalco de Torres.

For example, he said, in Jocotepec the berries sector created 5,000 jobs in the harvest period of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, which represents an important economic impact that favors farm workers and the commercial and service sectors.

Jalisco is the national leader in the production of raspberry and blueberry; ranks second in blackberry production and fourth in strawberry production. The availability of berries in Jalisco has influenced the regional cuisine and drinks.

Source: diarioqueretaro.com.mx

Publication date: 1/9/2017



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