Monday, August 29, 2016

Jake Ware, HMClause:

"We want to see the pepper shelf at the supermarket diversify"

HM Clause, a company that breeds, produces and sells vegetable seeds recently showcased their new pepper varieties. “We want to see the pepper shelf at the supermarket diversify, just as the tomato shelf has,” explained Jake Ware, Product Manager with HM Clause, who also coordinated the company’s Davis,.....

Steady movement of larger Washington apple crop

This year's Washington apple crop is expected to be larger than last season's, and movement of available apples has been smooth. Quality and sizing is also looking better this season.“It was probably a little warm this season, so the fruit was ready about a week earlier than normal, but this is a good year.....

First Filipino dragon fruit shipment reaches Canada

On August 26, the first shipment of more than 600 kilos of Philippines premium dragon fruit landed in Richmond City, British Columbia, Canada, through the fruit and vegetable importer Pahoa Produce Ltd. In Canada, dragon fruit is currently pegged at $7.99 a pound.While packing the freshly picked fruits in a.....

Jining Green Living launches new sweet potato varieties

“We have just launched the harvest of two new, exciting sweet potato varieties: the red skinned White Flesh sweet potato (known as the GL18 variety) and the Purple sweet potato (the GL98 variety). We have developed these varieties to serve overseas markets including Canada and Europe. Their skin colour is.....

Dole listeria outbreak first to be linked to leafy vegetables

According to a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report released Friday 26 August, it took time for federal investigators to identify the source of a listeria outbreak ultimately linked to Dole’s Springfield facility, in part because it marked the first time a listeria outbreak was tied to.....

Public comments show support for third GMO apple

There are just over two weeks left in the public comment period on the Arctic Fuji, as Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. seeks permission to market its third variety of genetically modified, non-browning apple.As of midday Thursday 25 August, only 19 comments had been filed electronically with APHIS. One of.....

Excess fruit, veg packaging deters customers

A new study has revealed that excess packaging on fruit and vegetables is putting customers off a healthy diet. The Dutch experiment found consumers are twice as likely to pick healthy food if it isn't coated in cellophane and plastic wrapping- even in the case of organic food where it cost one-and-a-half.....

KISS mangos from Brazil available now

The Vision Companies (Vision Import Group LLC, Hackensack , NJ and Vision Produce Co. Los Angeles, CA) announce the return of the KISS Mangos from Brazil. They are available now through early October in the US. This variety, which is being propagated to increase the varietal choices currently available has.....

Organic pear growers opt out of promotion assessments

Nearly all of the Northwest's organic pear packing companies have opted out of their promotion assessments, meaning the Pear Bureau Northwest is out of the organic pear promotions business. Meanwhile, a proposal for a national checkoff program has organic producers across the entire country considering.....

10-month-old baby climbs into fridge to eat watermelon

Going face to face with the flavorful fruit, 10-month-old Aryo proves in a video posted to Instagram that sometimes you need to grab life by the rind and just dive in.Taking advantage of the open fridge, he stands inside the cold enclosure, lips locked onto a watermelon that's about the same size as him.The.....

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José Antonio García, director of AILIMPO:

Brazil poses highest phytosanitary risk for EU citrus production

The European Commission has recently sent a statement to the Brazilian authorities, alerted by the considerable number of detections of citrus canker that have been recorded in containers with limes shipped from the port of Santos, in the state of São Paulo, which entered Europe via the United Kingdom.The.....

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Proposal to allow persimmon from New Zealand into US

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is proposing to amend its regulations concerning the importation of fruits and vegetables to allow fresh persimmons from New Zealand into the United States. APHIS scientists determined that persimmons produced.....

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Could Danish 'organic vikings' save American growers?

A crowdfunding campaign has started on to raise the money to bring American grower Matt Hockersmith to Denmark to create a documentary, called Organic Vikings, on his possible transition into organic farming. In an increasing difficult climate for America's growers, many believe that the.....

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Western diet increases Alzheimer's risk

Globally, about 42 million people now have dementia, with Alzheimer's disease as the most common type of dementia. Rates of Alzheimer's disease are rising worldwide. The most important risk factors seem to be linked to diet, especially the consumption of meat, sweets, and high-fat dairy products that.....

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Synchronize inventory information with real-time warehouse activity

“Our software offers the ability for a customer to know exactly where any pallet is within their facility, in real-time,” says Adrian Down with RedLine Solutions. “Many companies’ systems lack the ability to synchronize inventory information with activity in the warehouse, resulting in a difference between.....

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Singapore farmers go high-tech to boost productivity

Some Singapore farmers have already jumped on the technology bandwagon to boost their yields.From automated processes to artificial lighting, they have applied technology to overcome the challenges of land scarcity and climate change.From 2010 to last year, Singapore's production of leafy vegetables grew by.....

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A unique twist on fruit cups

Dole enters the healthy snacking market with Mixations

On August 18 Dole Packaged Foods, unveiled its latest, innovative product offering: Dole® Mixations™. Available nationwide, these one-of-a-kind fruit fusions showcase imaginative combinations of smooth fruit sauces and juicy chunks of real fruit in four flavor pairings: Apple-Strawberry Sauce with dices of.....

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How to significantly improve lime storage?

Fruits, vegetables and flowers, once harvested, irremediably start deteriorating due to the gases they naturally emit, particularly ethylene, which accelerates the ripening process. For this reason, it is common for products to lose volume and colour during storage.KEEPCOOL is a natural and ecological filter.....

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Listeria prompts fresh-cut veg recall

A Texas company is recalling 30,000 cases of fresh-cut vegetable products from grocery, discount and convenience stores across the Southeast after a random sample tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes.Country Fresh LLC of Conroe, TX, distributed various combinations of 45 different fresh-cut vegetable.....

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Bigger hazelnut crop expected in Oregon

Good pollination last winter and a good crop set are some of the reasons why a bigger hazelnut crop is expected in Oregon this year. With harvesting still about a month away, growers are hoping Eastern Filbert Blight doesn't put too much of a damper on what's looking to be a good production this year.“Every.....

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Excess fruit, veg packaging deters customers

A new study has revealed that excess packaging on fruit and vegetables is putting customers off a healthy diet. The Dutch experiment found consumers are twice as likely to pick healthy food if it isn't coated in cellophane and plastic wrapping- even in the case of organic food where it cost one-and-a-half.....

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McDonald's leaves iceberg lettuce out in the cold

Last year, in response to consumer demand for healthier salads, McDonald's overhauled its range and removed one key ingredient: iceberg lettuce."McDonalds came to us ... and said, 'We really want to change our salad blend. We've heard from consumers that they want bolder flavors and higher nutritional.....

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Biggest rise in fresh produce sales at Poundland, B&M, 99p Stores

Wal-Mart recalls fresh veg in 9 states | Countdown unveils $500m expansion

AU: David Jones sells apples for $2.50 each -A photo circulating on the internet, said to be from David Jones food hall shows apples for $2.50 each. The image of Royal Gala apples was thought to have been taken in Melbourne. It was posted to Reddit where users were shocked at the price. Please, click.....

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While Northern Europe is gearing up for the end of the season, growers in South America are looking forward to the start of the harvest. In some European countries, the harvest has stopped earlier because of the warm weather. Also in the northwest of the United States the season has finished earlier than.....

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