Monday, October 24, 2016

Growth beyond expectations

Halloween grape program inspired by candy industry

“One day, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that the candy industry was merchandising Halloween,” says Nick Dulcich with Sunlight International. Stores switch to their Fall program right after Labor Day. “I noticed it and something sparked in my mind,” continued Dulcich. “Now I get what they are.....

US experiences increased competition when exporting fruit to China

The rise in Chinese living standards has spurred demand for a more diverse and nutritious diet, leading to a surge in China’s fruit imports. Fruit is a discretionary item consumed as a dessert, given as gifts, and distributed at meetings and banquets. With greater disposable income, demand for fruit.....

Pricing for Greenskin still remains moderate

Crop shortages for Greenskin and Hass avocados

Markets appear to be up in arms about the shortage of Hass avocados and the available fruit is priced astronomically high. Meanwhile greenskin avocados, a smaller, more niche market, have also seen lower yields and prices are only moderately higher.Brooks Tropicals grows greenskin avocados on 3,000 acres in.....

Interview with Daniel Walsh, President of IFCO North America

“We contribute to feeding the world in a more responsible way”

Foldable reusable plastic containers (RPCs) are a key element in the supply chain of fresh produce. Growers use them to pack their products and for shipment to the retailer. IFCO, the leading global supplier of RPCs, has launched a new branding campaign “A better supply chain serves us all. Let’s eat.” to.....

Kansas grocery chain invests in banana ripening rooms

Dillons, the grocery supermarket chain based in Hutchinson, Kansas, is spending $2.3 million to renovate banana-ripening rooms at its Hutchinson “fresh foods” warehouse on East Fourth Avenue. The three-phase project to replace a dozen ripening rooms, built in 1984, started with demolition four weeks.....

Late payments hit almost 90% of companies in Asia Pacific

Almost 90 percent of companies in the Asia Pacific region had to deal with a non-payment in the last year. Especially companies in India, Singapore and China were hit by this. To protect their cashflow against payment risks, about four in ten companies in the region are planning to use credit management.....

Peru: "Mango campaign to start earlier with larger volumes"

"Peru will have mangos one month earlier than usual," stated Christian Pereda, from Tropical Farm, in an interview. "We are sure about this because, compared to previous years, this year we've experienced an increase in the flowering of mango plants. Additionally, the weather has been beneficial for this.....

EU pushes Belgium to support free trade deal with Canada

The European Union has issued Brussels with a deadline to reach an agreement on the free trade deal with Canada, CETA. All 28 EU governments have backed the deal, but Belgium has not been able to give its official assent without unanimous support from its five regional administrations. French-speaking.....

Fresno grower-shipper starts harvest for winter leaf program

This week Baloian Farms will be celebrating their 40th leaf and wet veg season in Fresno, California. Tim Baloian said, “The conditions in Fresno this time of year are optimal for growing premium quality leaf and wet veg crops. Over the years, we have built a reputation for servicing the industry by.....

Organic acreage increases in New York

In New York, organic products sales have increased 56 percent from 2008 through 2014. The number and total acreage of organic farms in New York also rose over that period, despite nationwide declines. As of July 1, 2016, there were nearly 22,500 certified organic operations, including farms and other.....

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PMA 2016: innovations

PMA 2016: innovations

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PMA 2016 Orlando, Florida

PMA 2016 Orlando, Florida

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Fruit Attraction 2016: Novelties

Fruit Attraction 2016: Novelties

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Fruit Attraction 2016

Fruit Attraction 2016

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Citrus growers sick of grove thefts

In Texas' Rio Grande Valley citrus growers are on the alert for thieves that steal from their crops. Trent Bishop from Lonestar Citrus Growers said it’s frustrating to spend time, money and energy to produce a crop only to have it stolen. “It’s real easy to see when you walk out in the morning and see.....

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Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit wins two Innovation Awards

Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit won two awards in the NZ Innovation Awards, held in Auckland on October 20th, for Sustained Innovation Excellence and Export Innovator of the Year.Zespri Operations Manager: Kiwifruit New Cultivar Development, Bryan Parkes, explains that Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit has been the.....

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Organic acreage increases in New York

In New York, organic products sales have increased 56 percent from 2008 through 2014. The number and total acreage of organic farms in New York also rose over that period, despite nationwide declines. As of July 1, 2016, there were nearly 22,500 certified organic operations, including farms and other.....

Healthmore »

Natural compound isolated from onions contains anti-ovarian-cancer properties

Research from Kumamoto University, Japan, has found that a natural compound isolated from onions, onionin A (ONA), has several anti-ovarian cancer properties. This discovery is a result of research on the effects of ONA on a preclinical model of epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC), both in vivo and in vitro......

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Partnership delivers new cloud capabilities for retailers and CPGs

Symphony EYC, the leading provider of software and services for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, today announced a partnership with Infosys, a global leader in consulting, technology, outsourcing and next-generation services, which will enable the two companies to jointly market, implement and.....

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Snack cucumbers and health benefits

Photo report: Trends and novelties at PMA

PHOTO REPORT Last weekend's PMA it was a great show for visitors who love special packaging. An overview of the novelties and of the trends in the American market.Some of the novelties have been launched at other shows, but there are still a lot of new products. We have made a photo report, so you can see them as well......

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Fruit juice company premieres two new fall juices at PMA

Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company announced it will be showcasing its two new juices, Pumpkin Apple Spice and Orange Cranberry, at the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit in Orlando this weekend at Booth #673. The specially handcrafted, small batch blends are limited edition, and will only be.....

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Chill acquire strategic Perth cold chain facility

Chill have just made a significant step forward in growing their Perth, WA operations. Chill have acquired a cold chain compliant purpose built facility at 5 Chifley Brace Jandakot WA 6164. The property is just 18 klms South of the Perth CBD in the Jandakot Industrial precinct. It’s in close proximity to the.....

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Ten research grants for produce safety announced

The Center for Produce Safety has announced that it is awarding 10 grants worth $2 million to help with seek-and-destroy efforts, focused on pathogens’ pathways to people via produce.While fresh fruits and vegetables are undeniably vital for good health, many of them pose a greater risk for foodborne illness.....

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Passed customs in Nagoya (Japan) without a hitch

Weihai city port exports freeze-dried figs for the first time

Figs are soft and sweet and extremely good for your health. As an important domestic production area of figs, Weihai's specific, geographical and climatic conditions are perfect. Everywhere, in both city and countryside, figs are widely distributed. On the 13th January of 2008, the logo (figs depicted in.....

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"The market is not willing to pay for biodegradable packaging"

“It does not matter if the products are fresh, crunchy, or hot, Vitaboxx keeps them the way they are supposed to be. We own the complete production process; from buying granulate, to the delivery of the packaging. So we can keep an eye on all processes up until the final product,” says Jan Bosteels of.....

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Sunkist builds momentum in real fruit snacks arena

Plant-based product developer, Snack it Forward, claims it’s ‘reinventing the fruit snack’ with the expansion of the Sunkist range - free from gelatin and added sugar. The Sunkist Fruit Lover's Trail Mix range, comprised of real fruit, now comes in flavors like Guava Chilli Mango and Ginger Peach while the.....

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Mercadona reveals starting point Portugual | Continente ranked 'cheapest'

Russian Lenta for sale | Serbian grocer to grow produces in stores

Portugal: Jerónimo Martins posts 12% profit increase - Portuguese retail group Jerónimo Martins has posted a 12% growth in net profit (on a comparable basis) for the first nine months of the year, of €266.5m. Consolidated sales reached €10.73bn (+5.5%), while LFL sales increased by 6.5% (+6.9% in Q3).....

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In several countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland, the cucumber season will be soon coming to an end. The Netherlands is looking back on a good season. Spain will gradually take over the European markets in the coming months. Growers currently are hopeful after several dramatic seasons. In.....

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